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Teruo Watanabe(Geef Fukushima), GEEF:Fukushima Tourism Guide.JAPAN渡辺 光男(ワタナベテルオ) ,GEEF:ふくしまツアリズムガイド.JP

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English-The Professional Guide skill Interpreter. (Not hobby, not side work of avocation. ).All area of Japan and over sea acceptable.
- Australian National Full Guide certificate(IV)= International Guide,Japan specialist as Australian Tourism industry.
-The Geologist, scientist who can guide. Disaster prevention officer, Radiation specialist Certificate.
-Tourism manager( international ), Tour conductor( international ) as Japanese Tourism government.
- Master degree of Science and Arts.
- The guest will have exclusive interests of Scientific sense by the guide.
I can accept private, group and general tourism.
I'm ideal talent for Study Tours and proper for fieldwork's coordinator & attendants
-City of Residence: Koriyama , Near Rail ST:JR-Koriyama (Tohoku shinkansen)
- Private driver acceptable.( Extra charge )

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-Brand > GEEF:Fukushima Tourism Guide.JAPAN
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Rates(including tax)

Hourly rate¥7,000
4 hours¥24,000
8 hours¥43,000

Up to 43People.For pricing information, please contact your guide

Suggested sightseeing courses

BANDAI. INAWASHIRO KITA_SHIOBARA Fantastic, Amazing, Beautiful Geological Park Area Explore

Out line:(model) We start from Koriyama for Bandai plateau. we'll view Lake Inawadhoro,Bandai volcano,Fault cliff line. at service area, Next, we will visit the boulder what had covered by mad flow in 1888 explosion. Third, go to Explosion museum and walk away the trail of "Goshiki_numa" ponds area. Tour Highlight: Over view of Bandai plateau. The boulder Explosion museum Goshiki_numa trail. Remarks: Travel insurance Not be attached.

Goshiki_numa + Oouchi_Juku One day Express.9hr. (by Car) Combined long distance points.

Depart from Koriyama Exclusive World famous 2 point, express visit on one daylight. Beautiful ponds in nature and Japanese historic Post station. Remark: The Guide ia Fukushima Accredited touriam guide and Accredited Geo guide of 'Bandaisan Geo park . the guide on bord to customers car . Travel insurance Not be attached. *Customers need self care of foods and water. and optimum wares. 'Road map'      **Please copy & past the URL to address bar of your browser . **以下のホームページアドレスを ブラウザのアドレス窓にコピーペーストしてください。 > https://www.google.co.jp/maps/dir/郡山/五色沼、〒966-0400+福島県耶麻郡北塩原村桧原/デニーズ+猪苗代インター店、〒969-3133+福島県耶麻郡猪苗代町千代田大場作354/会津若松駅、〒965-0041+福島県会津若松市駅前町1%E2%88%921/大内宿、〒969-5207+福島県南会津郡下郷町大内山本8/郡山/@37.4609055,139.8437731,10z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m41!4m40!1m5!1m1!1s0x60206c8736345d81:0xd361d50391bb0a9d!2m2!1d140.3881291!2d37.3981956!1m5!1m1!1s0x5f8abb6b848b1885:0x727e77161018673!2m2!1d140.0732012!2d37.6508749!1m5!1m1!1s0x5f8aa894bd22b46d:0xe372ad5d6014412f!2m2!1d140.1127324!2d37.5494778!1m5!1m1!1s0x5ff5534dc30fef17:0xac9765617b30fd16!2m2!1d139.9303261!2d37.5078657!1m5!1m1!1s0x601ffcb1e26e16b1:0x622953e13bf4f230!2m2!1d139.8601166!2d37.3318565!1m5!1m1!1s0x60206c8736345d81:0xd361d50391bb0a9d!2m2!1d140.3881291!2d37.3981956!2m2!1b1!2b1!3e0

Fukushima Disaster(Evacuated ) Zone. Coast Ljavascript:formTour. From North to South. Passing by N.P.S Fukushima Dai_ichi.(evacuated

The disaster of TSUNAMI and terrible accident of NPS F-1 invaded on 11th March 2011 to FUKUSHIMA. However, the disaster by NPS accident damages were limited central coast part of Fukushima pref. Now a day, the average traveler can visit South and North coast area with local Japanese guide as study visit. We will go Coast area of Fukushima pref. where have Fukushima/Daiichi NPS F-1 and Part of Tsunami disaster zone * The area is worker's zone. Not enjoyable as "tourist site". The tourism visitor are not welcome for recovering resident's houses, reconstruct and decontamination workers/tacks. Tour Highlight: Present situation of After Tsunami &Fukushima Daiichi Accident . *Don't hope to see so miserable scene, because there are now on under reconstruction and passed over 10 years from the accident and we cannot enter restricted area. And visitors need good manner as Japanese sense anywhere. So,visitor needs Local guide. Remarks: Travel insurance Not be attached.

The tour from Koriyama aha !!

The tour models from 'Koriyama' in fukushima pref. see detail next pages **Please copy & past the URL to address bar of your browser . **以下のホームページアドレスを ブラウザのアドレス窓にコピーペーストしてください。 > http://geef.a.la9.jp/tourFKS/tour_list-1.html

All Japan Tour Attendant GEEF Fukushima; Teruo Watanabe: (Geef Fukushima)

All Japan Tour Attendant GEEF Fukushima; Teruo Watanabe: (Geef Fukushima)  Full attendant in the world. **Please copy & past the URL to address bar of your browser . **以下のホームページアドレスを ブラウザのアドレス窓にコピーペーストしてください。 > http://geef.a.la9.jp