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About Me

EnglishI was born in Aizu and live in Fukushima city now.
I have guided several kinds of tours, including private tours, excursion tours, monitor tours, and so on.
Actually I can boast that Fukushima is national leader when it comes to many goods, food, services, historical sites, and scenic beauty, etc.
-Exquisite Sake being awarded gold prize at the national Sake competition. -Nicknamed the ”Fruits Kingdom” due to wide variety and high quality of fruits.
-Very well-known final resting place of Samurai.
-One of the few inn towns in Japan that still has traditional layout of old houses with thatched-roofs. -World-famous quite unique art of bonsai .
-Beautiful original landscape of Japan.
I would love to escort tourists around must-see places, and assist them to gain special and memorable experiences that only Fukushima can offer.