Active Resorts Urabandai (Urabandai Royal Hotel)

Active Resorts Urabandai (Urabandai Royal Hotel)

Active Resorts Urabandai is a sophisticated hot spring hotel located in the beautiful Bandai-Asahi National Park. The hotel is well connected to a variety of great tourist spots; being an only eight-minute walk from Goshiki-numa Ponds (a cluster of five volcanic lakes, each with its own distincti ve color); and just 23km from Mt. Bandai. Urabandai is the ideal destination for uninterrupted relaxation. A stay in the scenic mountainous area of Fukushima Prefecture offers comfort and peace. The relaxed rooms boast modern amenities, each containing a safe, mini-fridge, as well as tea and coffee making facilities. Rooms include a sitting area and flat-screen TV to enhance your stay. You can even choose from a western-style room or a traditional tatami and futon room. Request a room with a view of Mt. Bandai for a particularly splendid stay. On the grounds of Active Resorts Urabandai, you’ll also find a formal restaurant, casual grill, tea lounge, and even a karaoke room. But the real draw is the amazing natural hot spring bathhouse, featuring both indoor and open-air pools (rotenburo). Enjoy the beauty of nature and the fresh mountain air as you soak in the natural waters. The hotel is only a 5-minute walk from the Morohashi Museum of Modern Art and shares a common garden with the museum. At this lovely facility, visitors can enjoy a collection of masterpieces by Salvador Dali and other world-renowned artists including Picasso, Renoir, Van Gogh, Marie Laurencin, Utrillo, and many more. The hotel is conveniently linked to Aizu-Wakamatsu, Kitakata, Inawashiro, and Yonezawa via scenic mountain roads; these are all towns rich in Japanese tradition, history, and culture. The Active Resorts Urabandai has long been regarded as an important tourist hub in the Tohoku Region and is surrounded by a long list of sightseeing spots, acting as an intersection of several major tourist routes.

Venue Details

Venue Details

Active Resorts Urabandai (Previously known as Urabandai Royal Hotel)

(+81) 241-32-3111

Accommodation details

Capacity: 227 rooms (725 guests)

Room styles: Western-style / Japanese-style / Bincho-charcoal relaxation rooms (Western-style/Japanese-style) / Deluxe twins / Singles / Suites / Royal Suites

Check in / Check out: From 3:00 PM / Before 11:00 AM

Meals: One night with two meals. Japanese-style course menu / French course menu

Hot springs: Goshiki Onsen Large Baths / Open-air rock baths / Saunas. Onsite hot spring source (sulfate-chloride) is located within the premise of the hotel.

Pets: Partially allowed (with certain conditions)

Related infoThe facilities include:
Japanese and Western-style ballrooms
Meeting rooms
Tea lounge
Karaoke bar
Party room
Mahjong room
Table tennis court
Massage corner
Bicycle, ski and snowboard rental
Book a
Access Details
Access1093-309 Kengamine, Hibara, Kitashiobara Village, Fukushima Pref. 969-2701
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Getting there

By Car: 20 min from Inawashiro-Bandai Kogen I.C. off the Ban-etsu Expressway

By Train: Take the JR Ban-etsu West Line to Inawashiro Station. From there, take the Bandai Toto Bus bound for Urabandai Kogen-eki, and get off at Active Resorts Urabandai Hotel bus stop. The bus takes 30 min to reach the hotel.


The World Glassware Hall
Outdoor Activities

Listel Ski Fantasia

Despite its modest size, Listel Ski Fantasia - located within the grounds of Hotel Listel Inawashiro - has been a FIS Freestyle Ski World Cup host since 1988, and was chosen as the mogul and aerial venue for the 2009 FIS Freestyle World Championship. Listel Ski Fantasia's main ski slope has an average gradient of 8 degrees, making it popular with beginners and family skiers. The "Kids' Land" ski area for children, onsite nursing rooms, and ski lessons available for children, make Listel Ski Fantasia a great choice for families.  

The World Glassware Hall
Outdoor Activities

Oze National Park

Oze is home to a plethora of beautiful flowers. These include the Asian skunk cabbage that blossoms in the marshes as the snow melts, and the bright yellow of the Nikko Kisuge, which is reflected in the marshes just when the surrounding mountains become green. The nature of Oze is symbolized by its beautiful flowers, and together with the mountains, lakes, marshes, rivers, forests, and wildlife that lives in this region, create a stunning sight. Chozo Hirano opened up the area around 100 years ago, and because of the protection of its magnificent nature up until now, Oze has become a symbol of nature conservation in Japan. The beautiful nature of Oze presents a different face throughout the seasons, and all continue to charm us.  Key points of the sightseeing spot/ recommended points for tours:  In order to both preserve the precious nature of Oze, and to be able to come face-to-face with its splendor, we recommend that you visit on weekdays, and take your time to encounter the nature of Oze. Oze has the Ozenuma Visitor Center and the Oze-Yamanohana Visitor Center as locations from which you can both appreciate Oze's nature, and learn about the environment. At the visitor center, you can learn from displays that explain in an easy-to-understand the formation of the nature in Oze, points to see, and the most up-to-date information about the natural environment. This lets you more fully enjoy the appeal of the nature of Oze. Visits are even more enjoyable when you know more; therefore we recommend visits with a guide who can tell you more about the nature and charm of Oze. We urge visitors to make use of the certified guides who have a wealth of knowledge about Oze's nature, culture, and history, and who can ensure your visit is safe.

The World Glassware Hall
Cultural Experiences

Hot in Yanaizu

Yanaizu Town is best known as the birthplace of the legend of the lucky red cow Akabeko, but it is also known for its famous manju (sweet steamed buns). Hot in Yanaizu is a center with a bit of everything; it sells local products, has sightseeing information, rest areas, and an eatery. They even have an "experience area". It goes without saying that, at Hot in Yanaizu, you can paint your own Akabeko, but you can also make manju with the help of the facilities' kind staff (Read more here). Hot in Yanaizu have staff that can speak English, but please make sure to contact them in advance, as you might not be able to do the experience without placing a booking. Please take your time & enjoy the slow pace of Japanese countryside life in Yanaizu Town.

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Ookawaso is located in the Ashinomaki Onsen resort nestled along the beautiful valley of Okawa River.As you step into this inn, you will be welcomed by a live performance on the shamisen, a traditional Japanese stringed instrument.Attentive service is provided by female attendants (called nakai-san) dressed in kimono, which is another of the charms of this old-fashioned Japanese inn.For dinner, you can enjoy a Japanese-style set menu rich in locally produced ingredients.The open-air hot spring facility Shiki Butai Tanada consists of multi-level baths set up like terraced rice fields overlooking the valley. Here you can enjoy basking amid the beautiful nature of the valley.Ookawaso also has large baths and lie-down saunas, both of which are perfect for relaxing and soothing the body. Another open-air bath Kuchu Roten Buro looks similar to the famous stage of Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto and commands a magnificent view.After enjoying dinner and hot spring bathing, guests can experience a mochi (rice cake) pounding event, which is a typically Japanese traditional communal activity.When the pounding is completed, freshly-made mochi will be served to the participants on the spot. Please enjoy to the full everything that a Japanese-style hot spring resort hotel has to offer.  

Guest House Inawashiro Hanbog

Guest House Inawashiro Hanbog

Guest House Inawashiro Hanbog is an accommodation facility located 14 km away from Mt. Bandai, close to Lake Inawashiro and the Hideyo Noguchi Memorial Museum.Some foreign visitors favor this modern guest house for its cozy wooden atmosphere, reasonable price, convenient location and privileged views of the mountains.But most choose it for what it stands for.The owner of this guesthouse, originally from Fukushima, lived some time in Korea and decided to come back to his hometown to promote tourism in his hometown and replicate the unique hospitality he received in guesthouses during his time abroad.Guest House Inawashiro Hanbog is a foreign-friendly guesthouse that offers more than a place to stay—it’s really a place to connect. Travelers wanting to explore outside of the box and make new friends over a few beers after a day out sightseeing should consider staying at Hanbog.Its amenities include free parking, a bar serving some of Fukushima’s local specialties, free Wi-Fi, an outdoor bonfire area, and Asian-style meals.Guest House Inawashiro Hanbog has three shared rooms: One for female guests, one for male guests, and a mixed room. Each room has two bunk beds and capacity for four people, for a total capacity of 12 people. It has two shower rooms and two washbasins.