Hotel Hamatsu

Hotel Hamatsu

Hotel Hamatsu stands in a very central location, just a short taxi ride from Koriyama Station - the transport hub of Fukushima Prefecture. Hotel Hamatsu's front desk is open 24-hours a day, and there is an on-site restaurant, which makes the hotel a very comfortable, convenient place to stay when traveling in the prefecture.

Venue Details

Venue Details
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Hotel Hamatsu

(+81) 24-935-1111

ParkingFree parking available for overnight guests. Spaces for 250 cars and 10 large buses.
Related infoOn-site facilities:
Meeting rooms, beauty salon, restaurant, lobby, tea room, photo studio. 24-hour front desk and room service available. Free Wi-Fi and LAN in all guest rooms.
Accommodation details

Capacity: 90 rooms (127 guests)

Room styles: Single, twin, double, and suite rooms. Suite rooms are available in both western and Japanese style.

Check in / Check out: From 2:00 PM / Until 12:00 PM

Meals: Japanese or western-style breakfasts available.

Pets: No

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Access Details
AccessToramaru-machi 3-18, Koriyama City, Fukushima Pref. 963-8578
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Getting there

By Car: 15 min drive from the Koriyama I.C. exit off the Tohoku Expressway

By Train: 5 min taxi ride from the west exit of Koriyama Sta.


The World Glassware Hall
Cultural Experiences

Niida Honke Sake Brewery

Located in the sleepy village of Tamura-machi, and surrounded by sprawling rice fields is the Niida-Honke brewery. Since its founding in 1711, Niida Honke has seen eighteen generations of head brewers, each bringing their own personality and subtle changes to the company and its sake. The current head brewer is Yasuhiko Niida, an incredibly nice person with an awe inspiring passion for making Sake. Under Mr. Niida’s supervision, Niida Honke has seen many changes. In 2011 the brewery celebrated its 300th anniversary and the achievement of using 100% natural rice in its brewing process. Unfortunately, this was the same year as the Great East Japan Earthquake and the following nuclear disaster. Despite the difficulties, Niida Honke worked hard to return the health of the rice fields. After the fields were cleaned and returned to their healthy status, a decision was made to move the company into a more sustainable and natural direction with the goal of creating its sake with 100% natural and organic ingredients. They currently grow much of the rice used to create their sake in the fields that surround the brewery. Working with local farmers to create healthy, high quality rice that is grown without the use of pesticides or harmful chemicals. In the future Niida Honke aims to brew all of its sake in natural wooden tanks, switch entirely to solar power, and grow 100% of its own rice. For each bottle that you buy, Niida Honke takes one step closer to these goals. Read more about the sake brewing process at Niida Honke!

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