Kairyu no Sato Center Theme Park

Kairyu no Sato Center Theme Park

Kairyu no Sato Center Theme Park is a dinosaur themed theme park in Iwaki city. Here there are three rides as well as some unique dinosaur statues including a huge long-necked dinosaur.

Around late March to early April is the best time to visit if you want to see the unique sight of dinosaurs surrounded by cherry blossoms.

Iwaki is well known for its excavation of fossils and most notably the discovery of the Futabasaurus dinosaur. You can learn more about the mining history of Iwaki at the Horuru: Iwaki Coal and Fossil Museum.

Venue Details

Venue Details


Best Season
  • Spring
Opening Hours

9:00~17:00 *Amusement facilities: April - October (close at 16:30) / November - March (close at 15:30) *Last admission is 30 minutes before closing.

Mondays January 1st (The next day if it is a national holiday)

Entrance FeeFree Entrance, but there is a fee to ride the rides. (Check the website for up to date pricing information.)
Access Details
Access9 Shibazaki, Ohisamachi, Ohisa-machi, Iwaki-shi
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Getting there

By Car: Approximately 10 minutes from Iwaki-Yokura IC on the Joban Expressway

By Train: Approximately 10 minutes by taxi from Hisanohama Station on the JR Joban Line


The World Glassware Hall
Museums & Galleries

Iwaki 3.11 Memorial and Revitalization Museum

Opened on Saturday, May 30, 2020, the museum was established to share the history of the disaster and the following reconstruction efforts by preserving and exhibiting materials related to the earthquake and tsunami, giving talks by local storytellers, and other activities. This way, they are able to preserve the memories and lessons of the disaster.  There are panel displays about the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear power plant accident, as well as about recovery and reconstruction, and displays of actual items damaged in the disaster, such as a blackboard from the former Toyoma Junior High School. The Iwaki Storyteller's Group offers regular lectures on the disaster. For more information on lectures, please visit this website.

The World Glassware Hall
Local Foods

The Suzuki Brewery in Namie Town

The Suzuki Sake Brewery used to operate a sake brewery in Namie Town's Ukedo district, this building was located steps from the sea and was physically destroyed by the tsunami wave. This left the owner of the brewery without a home or a livelihood. They managed to evacuate with the necessities of the brewery and after the disaster, the brewery was moved to Nagai City to the mountains of Yamagata Prefecture in October 2011 (the same year as the earthquake). Since then, they’ve continued to brew sake with the hope of preserving the traditional sake brewing techniques that had been developed by generations of brewers in Namie Town. Finally, on March 20, 2021, the brewery was able to return to its hometown of Namie with the opening of a new brewery at the Namie Roadside Station. Here, visitors can watch the Suzuki brewers at work making their delicious sake. They even use locally grown rice to make some of their sake, with a focus on maintaining their hometown flavor. At the Namie Roadside Station, you can visit the sake brewery and taste their freshly brewed sake. For visitors who don't drink sake, there is also a sake flavored soft serve ice cream that is absolutely delicious. The soft serve comes in a traditional wooden sake cup!

The World Glassware Hall
Museums & Galleries

Nomaoi Street Meijo Hall

Nomaoi Street Meijo Hall has been established in the building of the former Matsumoto Brewery, which was a well-known brewery started in the late Edo Period. The hall now primarily functions as exhibition space, lending its unique kura (Japanese warehouse) rooms to host art and photo exhibitions as well as musical events. There are also a couple of small permanent exhibitions about life in the Meiji Period. The relaxed atmosphere of the restaurant Shokusaian is also popular with visitors.

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Nijuisseiki-no-Mori Park (21st Century Forest Park)

<p><span style="color:#000000">Stretching over more than 80 hectares, Nijuisseiki-no-Mori Park (二十一世紀の森公園) is a true haven for recreation; complete with a tennis court, a baseball stadium, a skateboard park, and a family sports garden, as well as a variety of flower fields, trees and shrubs.</span></p><p><span style="color:#000000">21st Century Forest Park is also a popular cherry blossom spot: it has both early-blooming Kawazu-sakura (which mostly bloom mid-February to mid-March) as well as Somei Yoshino cherry blossom trees (which typically bloom sometime between early to mid-April).</span></p><p><span style="color:#000000">During winter each year illumination events are held in the park, and, during autumn, the bright colored leaves attract plenty of visitors. During the summer, sunflowers and rapeseed flowers bloom, so the park truly offers ways to enjoy nature all year round.</span></p>