Misaki Park

Misaki Park

Inside the park, you can see the blossom of around 200 Somei Yoshino and Oshima Cherry Trees in the spring. Marine Tower, which stands inside the park, offers fantastic views of the whole of Iwaki. It’s amazing to see the sea and sakura together at the same time.

This wide park also has a play area for children, a picnic and barbeque area, an outside concert hall, and a viewpoint from which you can contemplate the Pacific Ocean.

Venue Details

Venue Details

Iwaki Tourism and City Planning Bureau

(+81) 246-44-6545

Best Season
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Autumn
Entrance FeeFree
Access Details
Access111 Daisaku, Shimokajiro, Onahama, Iwaki City, Fukushima Pref. 970-0316
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Getting there

By Car: 20 min from the Iwaki Yumoto I.C. exit off the Joban Expressway.

By Public Transport: Get off at Izumi Station (on the JR Joban Line). From there, take a bus heading to Onohama, and get off at Kajiro Bus Stop. From there, Misaki Park is a 15 min walk.

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