Takatsue Snowcat Tour

Takatsue Snowcat Tour

Takatsue Ski Area boasts a 360° spectacular view. As well as being a wonderful place to enjoy Aizu's winter landscapes, this ski area also offers snowcat ride experiences.

Venue Details

Venue Details

(+81) 241-78-2220

Best Season
  • Winter
Opening Hours

Experience available from early January to early March (Reservation required)

Entrance FeeSnowcar Tour: 4000 yen
Access Details
Access535 Takatsuehara, Minamiaizu-Machi, Minamiaizu, Fukushima Pref. 967-0315
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Getting there

By Car: 90 min from Nishi-Nasuno Shiobara I.C. off the Tohoku Expressway via Route 400, Route 121, and Route 352.

By Train: 30 min by taxi from Aizukogen-Ozeguchi Station (Aizu Railway Line). An on-demand shuttle bus is available from the hotel for overnight guests upon reservation.

See the Aizu Kogen Takatsue Ski Resort page for more information.


The World Glassware Hall
Cultural Experiences

Hot in Yanaizu

Yanaizu Town is best known as the birthplace of the legend of the lucky red cow Akabeko, but it is also known for its famous manju (sweet steamed buns). Hot in Yanaizu is a center with a bit of everything; it sells local products, has sightseeing information, rest areas, and an eatery. They even have an "experience area". It goes without saying that, at Hot in Yanaizu, you can paint your own Akabeko, but you can also make manju with the help of the facilities' kind staff (Read more here). Hot in Yanaizu have staff that can speak English, but please make sure to contact them in advance, as you might not be able to do the experience without placing a booking. Please take your time & enjoy the slow pace of Japanese countryside life in Yanaizu Town.

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