Guest House Inawashiro Hanbog

Guest House Inawashiro Hanbog

Guest House Inawashiro Hanbog is an accommodation facility located 14 km away from Mt. Bandai, close to Lake Inawashiro and the Hideyo Noguchi Memorial Museum.

Some foreign visitors favor this modern guest house for its cozy wooden atmosphere, reasonable price, convenient location and privileged views of the mountains.

But most choose it for what it stands for.

The owner of this guesthouse, originally from Fukushima, lived some time in Korea and decided to come back to his hometown to promote tourism in his hometown and replicate the unique hospitality he received in guesthouses during his time abroad.

Guest House Inawashiro Hanbog is a foreign-friendly guesthouse that offers more than a place to stay—it’s really a place to connect. Travelers wanting to explore outside of the box and make new friends over a few beers after a day out sightseeing should consider staying at Hanbog.

Its amenities include free parking, a bar serving some of Fukushima’s local specialties, free Wi-Fi, an outdoor bonfire area, and Asian-style meals.

Guest House Inawashiro Hanbog has three shared rooms: One for female guests, one for male guests, and a mixed room. Each room has two bunk beds and capacity for four people, for a total capacity of 12 people. It has two shower rooms and two washbasins.

Venue Details

Venue Details


Best SeasonAll Year
ParkingParking Available free of charge (6 parking spots)
Accommodation details

Capacity: Three rooms (total capacity: 12 guests)
●Aizu room (female dormitory): Two bunk beds, capacity for four guests.
●Nakadori room (male dormitory): Two bunk beds, capacity for four guests.
●Hamadori room (mixed dormitory): Two bunk beds, capacity for four guests.

Camping option may be available upon request (please contact Guest House Inawashiro Hanbog directly for details).

Room styles: Shared rooms (bunk beds), non-smoking

Room charge: Starting at ¥3500 per person for the mixed room and ¥4000 per person in male or female rooms (additional charges may apply, see official website for updated information).

Check in / Check out: 15:00 (last check-in at 23:00)/10:00

Meals: Restaurant bar serving Asian-style meals and local beverages from Fukushima

Pets: No pets allowed

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Access Details
Access1746, Mitsuwa Choko, Inawashiro Town, Yama District, Fukushima Pref.
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Getting there

By car: 5 min. from Tohoku Expressway Inawashiro Bandai Kogen I.C.

By train/bus: Take the Ban-etsu line from Koriyama Station (郡山駅) to Inawashiro Station (猪苗代駅). From there, take the bus for Kitakubo - Kin no Hashi (北窪~金の橋金の橋).


The World Glassware Hall
Cultural Experiences

Ride the Oza-Toro-Tembo Train

The Oza-Toro-Tembo Train is a limited-service sightseeing train which is operated during selected days of the peak tourist seasons. The train has three carriages - the oza carriage (which has a tatami-floor), the torokko (tram) carriage, and the tembo (observation deck) carriage. Stretch out and relax in the tatami carriage with its sunken kotatsu (heated table) in autumn, take in Aizu's nature and air from the tram carriage, and revel in the fantastic scenery that await you through the expansive windows of the observation deck carriage. The train runs along the Aizu Railway tracks, meaning you can hop off at various points to visit places such as Ouchi-juku (a 15 minute taxi ride from Yunokami Onsen Station), and To-no-Hetsuri Crags, among others. For information about when this train runs this year, please check out this link (Japanese).

The World Glassware Hall
Cultural Experiences

Aizu Painted Candles Craft Experience

Aizu Erosoku (painted candles) are sumptuous items that were long-prized among samurai families. Delicate and vivid patterns such as chrysanthemums, plum blossoms, and peonies are painted onto candles made of natural Japan wax extracted from the fruits of lacquer trees. Each candle is still painstakingly painted one by one, and they serve as regal decorations in Shinto and Buddhist ceremonies and weddings. A candle painting experience is available at Ozawa Candle Shop (Reservation required).

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