Homare Sake Brewery

Homare Sake Brewery

Visitors can taste and purchase sake made at Aizu Homare, one of Tohoku's most popular sake breweries. After learning about how sake is made on a brewery tour, visitors can discover their new favorite drink by sampling over 10 kinds of fresh refined sake, liqueur, and shochu. The brewery grounds also contain a vast Japanese garden, which can be explored by visitors. A video of the sake-making process is available to watch on request.

Venue Details

Venue Details

Homare Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

(+81) 241-22-5151

Best SeasonAll Year
Opening Hours

9:00 AM - 4:30 PM (Guided tours start at 10:30 AM)

Open 7 days a week (closed for the New Year holidays)

ParkingOver 50. Parking also available for full-sized buses.
Entrance FeeFree
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Non-Japanese language tours: Available
Languages available for tours: English
Guide: Only available on days when the brewery is operating
Voice Guidance: Not available
Foreign-language displays: Yes

Please book in advance for group tours.
Access Details
Access2706 Tokiwa-cho, Muramatsu, Matsuyama-Machi, Kitakata City, Fukushima Pref.
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Getting there

By Car: 40 min from the Aizuwakamatsu I.C. exit (Ban-etsu Expressway)

By Bus: Can be reached by bus from Kitakata Station (JR Ban-etsu West Line). 3 min walk from Sekinebetsu Bus Stop.

By Taxi: 7 min from Kitakata Station


The World Glassware Hall
Historical Sites

Oyakuen Garden

Oyakuen was used approximately 600 years ago as a villa for the then lord of the Aizu Domain. Subsequently, in the mid-17th century, the lord of the Aizu Domain started growing medicinal herbs within the grounds which he developed to protect the citizenry from epidemics. This lead to the garden gaining the name "Oyakuen", which literally means "medicinal garden." The traditional garden has been preserved as it was long ago, and Oyakuen has now been designated as an important national asset. The buildings within the grounds were used by the lord as a place of relaxation and for entertainment. Accordingly, Oyakuen still contains buildings devoted to Japanese tea. Visitors can enjoy a cup of herbal tea here even today.

The World Glassware Hall
Nature & Scenery

Natural Sparkling Water in Kaneyama Town

Kaneyama Town is a scenic, rural town surrounded by woods. One of the most famous things about Kaneyama Town is its well of naturally carbonated water. Such water is rarely found in Japan. Small bubbles are infused into the water, giving it a gentle and smooth taste. Locals and visitors take empty bottles to the well to fill and take back home. There is a pot at the well that can be used to collect water from the base of the well. Pulling up water from the bottom with a rope definitely makes for a fun and unique experience! Why don’t you try this natural sparkling water while enjoying the beautiful scenery in Kaneyama?

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