Kirakuya Inn has friendly, English speaking owners. The inn is conveniently located for travel from Tokyo and rooms have reasonable prices, making it an ideal stop for visitors from abroad. A stay at Kirakuya will also give you the opportunity to experience bathing in a natural hot spring. The springs are available for private hire for those who are a little shy about bathing in public.

Venue Details

Venue Details

Kirakuya Inn

(+81) 24-984-2130

Related infoOnsite Facilities:
Restaurant, reading room, shop, relaxation room, free internet hotspot, open-air baths, sauna.

Prices of Rooms per Night (Tax excl.):
- Japanese-style (with bath & toilet), including breakfast: Between 5,500 yen and 8,500 yen per person.
- Western-style single room (with toilet), including breakfast: 7,500 yen per person.
Accommodation details

Capacity: 25 rooms (Accommodates approx. 95 guests)

Room styles: 18 Japanese-style rooms, 6 Western-style rooms. 1 Combination-style room

Check in / Check out: 15:00 / 10:00

Meals: Dinner: A la carte | Breakfast: Buffet

Hot springs: Water supplied from two sources. Cool bath available. Hot spring water has beneficial properties for the skin.

Pets: No

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Access Details
Access4-39 Atami, Koriyama City, Fukushima Pref. 963-1309
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Getting there

By Car: 6 min drive from Bandaiatami I.C. exit off the Ban-etsu Expressway

By Train: 2 min walk from Bandai Atami Station (JR Ban-etsu West Line


The World Glassware Hall
Outdoor Activities

Grandee Hatoriko Ski Resort

Grandee Hatoriko Ski Resort offers many runs with relatively gentle slopes allowing beginners and families to safely ski down from the top of the mountain. The main slope also has a snow park, allowing visitors to show off their best tricks and jumps. Waves, mini-kickers and other equipment can also be found on the courses letting you get a bit of practice during your runs. Grandee also offers two conveyor belt lifts, so even ski and snowboard beginners can improve quickly. The beginner area is also separated with a net, making it safe even for small children.

The World Glassware Hall
Outdoor Activities

Bandai-Azuma Skyline Cycling Route

The Bandai-Azuma Skyline is one of the top cycling routes of Japan!  The route brings cyclists through dense green forests to volcanic terrain and sweeping views of Fukushima city and the volcanic peak of Mt. Kofuji, or “Little Fuji”. In autumn this course is warmed by vibrant autumn leaves, that make for a magical ride! Fukushima has routes for cyclists of all levels! Click here for more information about Cycling Courses and Events in Fukushima!  (Click here to read our blog about cycling the scenic Bandai-Azuma Skyline!)

The World Glassware Hall
Outdoor Activities

Mt. Azuma-Kofuji

Every year in spring, as the snow melts away it leaves behind the shape of a giant white rabbit on the side of Mt. Azuma-Kofuji. This snow-made rabbit is called the “seeding rabbit” and it signals to the people of Fukushima that the farming season has come.No matter when you decide to visit Mt. Azuma-Kofuji, you can always experience the beauty of this awe-inspiring natural landscape.Mt. Azuma-Kofuji is actually an active volcano. It has an appealing symmetry to it, and a soft conical shape; it is because of these classic features that it was named Kofuji, or "little Fuji", after the iconic Japanese mountain.Thanks to the volcanic ground, the area has given birth to many nearby onsen areas which are perfect for relaxing, such as Tsuchiyu Onsen and Takayu Onsen.It’s also a great destination for those who decide to drive through the area as the Bandai-Azuma Skyline happens to pass just below the crater of Mt. Azuma-Kofuji. It’s just a short hike up to the crater and there are plenty of other great trails in the area. Near the crater, along the roadway, stands Jododaira Visitor Center, which offers visitors a place to park, rest up, get a snack, and maybe even buy some souvenirs. It’s the perfect spot to take a break and explore one of the many short hiking routes to stretch out your muscles after a long car ride.Circle the crater of Mt. Azuma-Kofuji on a relaxed 40-minute walk and—if you’re lucky—enjoy gorgeous views of Fukushima City, Mt. Bandai, and the Urabandai area. But do watch your step as the ground can be uneven and even slippery on grey days. The mountain is open from spring to autumn every year.

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