Kyukamura Urabandai

Kyukamura Urabandai

Kyukamura Urabandai has it all: western-style hotel rooms, Japanese tatami rooms, open-air baths, tennis courts, an extensive campsite, and more. In fact, Kyukamura Urabandai boasts 5 camping areas, which include fixed sites where guests can camp and enjoy a barbeque without bringing any equipment or food. Both the hotel and campsite are easily accessible via bus or shuttle bus from Inawashiro Station.

Venue Details

Venue Details

Kyukamura Urabandai

(+81) 241-32-2421

ParkingAvailable (Space for 73 cars)
Accommodation details

Capacity: 60 rooms (176 guests) at the hotel

Room styles: 28 Japanese-style rooms, 32 Western-style rooms, fixed-style tents, open camping areas, etc.

Room charge: From around 7,500 yen p/p per night

Check in / Check out: From 3:00 PM / Until 10:00 AM

Meals: Japanese-style & fusion course and buffet. BBQ set available for campsite guests.

Hot springs: Indoor and open-air baths. Sauna available. Baths can be used by day trip visitors and campsite guests.

Related infoFacilities: Camp ground, tennis court, table tennis court, karaoke room, banquet hall, conference room, restaurant, lounge, souvenir shops, safety box. Free tent sites, fixed tent sites, family camping area. Payment via certain credit cards accepted.
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Access Details
AccessHibara, Kitashiobara Village, Yama District, Fukushima Pref. 969-2701
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Getting there

By Car:

  • 25 min drive from the Inawashiro Bandaikogen I.C. exit off the Ban-etsu Expressway.

By Train:

  • 40 min by local bus bound for Hibara / Kyukamura.
  • 30 min shuttle bus ride from Inawashiro Sta. (JR Ban-etsu West Line)

*Shuttle bus must be booked in advance.

See here for more information about traveling by bus in Urabandai area.

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The World Glassware Hall
Cultural Experiences

Mori no Bunko Fuzawa

Mori no Bunko Fuzawa is a mountain village life workshop facility where guests can experience the lifestyle, nature, and charms of living in a Japanese rural mountain village. [photo id="wedA3wsHghGka5MbrORGYjRkj8BGAinlLCOG5O0L.jpg"] This building was a working school up to 40 years ago, the black board in one classroom where all of the students wrote their goodbye messages on the last day of school has been preserved as is. (If you visit, please be sure to avoid touching, erasing, or writing on the black board.) [photo id="fNNbYszCkKk3qvw1ozp5lY5yn8UDJPkrsrHf05Jf.jpg"] All three classrooms are available to stay the night in! Guests are charged per person, not per room, so if your group are the only ones staying the night then you are free to spread out into all three of the rooms. This is the kind of lodging that Japanese students would stay in on overnight school trips, so there is a sense of nostalgia when staying here.  There are also many different activities that you can experience when staying here, such as local and traditional craft making and even river trekking with local guides! Read more about river trekking experiences here. [photo id="YrRrT5cHuDe3wK75RWrxgat8d8JPQP9P7bQgJwuY.jpg"]

The World Glassware Hall
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Minowa Ski Resort

The base area of the slopes is as high as 1,050 m above sea level, ensuring skiers high quality snow and crisp, clean air. The squeak of snow when you step on it and the feel of the snow underfoot are unforgettable.All the roads to Minowa Ski Resort are national routes, so even when they are covered with snow, they make for safe and comfortable driving. Moreover, the resort is within 30 minutes from the nearest ICs (interchanges) on all major expressways and free parking is available just in front of the rest house.Moreover, the entire surface of the parking area is paved so it's easy to walk on. Such ease of access is yet another attraction of this ski resort.

The World Glassware Hall
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Hot in Yanaizu

Yanaizu Town is best known as the birthplace of the legend of the lucky red cow Akabeko, but it is also known for its famous manju (sweet steamed buns). Hot in Yanaizu is a center with a bit of everything; it sells local products, has sightseeing information, rest areas, and an eatery. They even have an "experience area". It goes without saying that, at Hot in Yanaizu, you can paint your own Akabeko, but you can also make manju with the help of the facilities' kind staff (Read more here). Hot in Yanaizu have staff that can speak English, but please make sure to contact them in advance, as you might not be able to do the experience without placing a booking. Please take your time & enjoy the slow pace of Japanese countryside life in Yanaizu Town.

The World Glassware Hall
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Watersports at S.A.Y (Lake Inawashiro)

A wakeboard shop located on the northwest shore of Lake Inawashiro in Fukushima Prefecture. It offers easy access from the Kanto region, bypassing major traffic congestion. Individuals and beginners are welcome. A specialized beginner's course is available, allowing even first-timers to enjoy their time on the water, and all necessary equipment can be rented. Bookings can be made even for 1 person. Why not spend a day enjoying the beautiful, clear waters of Lake Inawashiro, one of the most breathtaking lakes in Japan?

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