Mt. Ryozen

Mt. Ryozen

Mt. Ryozen is a spiritual, historic mountain with beautiful scenery. Since the Muromachi Period, Ryozen Temple has been used as a training grounds for Buddhist monks. Apparently, monks-in-training used to tie themselves to cliff-edges as part of their training in self-discipline!

Hikers can park at the Mt. Ryozen Trailhead Parking Lot.

Venue Details

Venue Details

Date City Tourism Association

(+81) 24-529-7779

Best Season
  • Summer
  • Autumn
ParkingAvailable (Mt. Ryozen Trailhead Parking Lot [霊山登山口駐車場])
Related infoDate City Tourism Association's English guidebook is available to download from <a href="">this page</a>
Access Details
AccessRyozen-machi Ishida, Date City, Fukushima Pref. 960-0807
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Getting there

By Car: 50 min from Fukushima-Nishi I.C. exit off the Tohoku Expressway



The World Glassware Hall
Gourmet & Shopping

Kura Café Sen no Hana

The Kura Café Sen no Hana is located on the grounds on Kunitaya Miso Factory in a remodeled kura (storehouse). Try the local flavors of Fukushima cuisine with their lovely lunch items featuring locally Nihonmatsu-produced miso and soy sauce. There are also many other menu items to appreciate, such as amazake, Mongolian-style tea, and coffee. The inside of the shop is also calming and decorated with local pressed flowers.Open from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (with a break from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m.), the Kura Café Sen no Hana is sure to give your taste buds a treat. Their fair prices and delicious cuisine make them popular with locals and visitors alike.The amazake, a nonalcoholic drink made from koji, or fermentation starter, is popular with guests. As for food, the zaku zaku soup is a traditional soup of chunky cubed vegetables which is eaten on special occasions like festivals and ceremonies, it is a famous Nihonmatsu specialty. But if you’re wanting to go for dinner, make sure you’re there before the last order at 5:30 p.m. (4:30 p.m. on Sundays). Next door to the Kura Cafe Sen no Hana, guests can also visit the Kunitaya Miso Factory. The redwood lattice of the exterior is especially attractive. In addition to the tours, the Factory also sells miso, soy sauce, and koji, which is used to make Fukushima’s famous 'sagohachi' pickles.All the products for sale are made at the Kunitaya Miso Factory and use pure water from Mt. Adatara and locally grown ingredients. It’s a great way to get the fresh flavors of Fukushima Prefecture. There are also seasonal products available, so be sure to have a look!

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Irimizu Limestone Cave (Irimizu Shonyudo)
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Irimizu Limestone Cave (Irimizu Shonyudo)

Visitors looking for a cool and adventurous experience should consider visiting the Irimizu Limestone Cave (入水鍾乳洞) in Tamura City.Perhaps less known than the nearby Abukuma Cave, the Irimizu Limestone Cave offers visitors the opportunity to venture into its depths—the narrow cave is 900 m in total and is divided into three courses (A, B and C), each more extreme than the previous one.Visitors should bring adequate clothing and shoes, as the inside of the cave is wet and slippery with irregular rocky ground and gushing streams.Course A is the least extreme, and the way into the cave is lit, although there are puddles and wet spots, and you will need to duck in some places since there are short and narrow spots. Course A is 150 m long and takes approx. 30 minutes to complete.Courses B and C go through an area of the cave where there is less conditioning. Visitors have to walk while having water up to their knees and go through slippery and narrow gaps by candlelight or flashlight.Course B is 450 m and takes about 60 minutes to complete, while course C is 300 m and takes about 90 m to complete. Visitors hoping to undertake course C, the most difficult of the three, have to make a reservation before their visit, as the course can only be completed alongside an experienced guide. *Course C is not available and is not taking reservations as of May 2023.The temperature inside the cave is typically between 10 and 15 degrees regardless of the season.There are candles, rubber shoes, flashlights and other items available for renting at the entrance.Prices are as of March 2023.The cave has been designated as a National Natural Treasure, and it’s easy to see why. You’re bound to become a geology enthusiast after experiencing the charms of the cave.

Kassenba's Weeping Cherry Tree
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Kassenba's Weeping Cherry Tree

These two weeping cherry trees are said to be the grandchildren of the great Miharu Takizakura weeping cherry tree in nearby Miharu Town. They bloom with fantastic pink flowers. When they are in full bloom, the trees are if a waterfall of blossoms is cascading from their branches. These trees are estimated to be around 170 years old. We recommend taking photographs from the bottom of the slope, so you can capture the pink of the blossoms, together with the blue of the sky, and yellow of the canola flowers.