Sukagawa Shakadogawa River Fireworks Festival

Sukagawa Shakadogawa River Fireworks Festival

One of the largest scale events in the prefecture, this fireworks show features stunning firework displays, a hanabi-e-maki performance which combines music and fireworks, and displays from firework masters throughout Japan. Around 10,000 fireworks can be enjoyed during this 1.5 hour event.

Venue Details

Venue Details
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Sukagawa Shakadogawa Fireworks Festival Planning Committee (Sukagawa City Tourism Division)

(+81) 248-88-9144

Best Season
  • Summer
ParkingAvailable (Free for up to 3,000 cars at temporary parking around venue)
Related infoDate:
August 22, 2020 (7:00 PM - 8:30 PM)

Paid Seating Available:
Round tables (Reservation necessary): 1 table (4 seats) 11,000 yen
Chair seating (non-reserved): 2,200 yen per seat (2,000 yen in advance)

Please note traffic restrictions will be in place around venue starting at 3:00 PM
Access Details
AccessFireworks launched from riverbed in front of JR Sukagawa Station (Sukagawa Citizens' Sports Plaza)
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Getting there

By Car: 5 min drive from the Sukagawa I.C. exit off the Tohoku Expressway

By Train: 5 min walk from Sukagawa Station (JR Tohoku Main Line)


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Outdoor Activities

Bandai-Azuma Skyline Cycling Route

The Bandai-Azuma Skyline is one of the top cycling routes of Japan!  The route brings cyclists through dense green forests to volcanic terrain and sweeping views of Fukushima city and the volcanic peak of Mt. Kofuji, or “Little Fuji”. In autumn this course is warmed by vibrant autumn leaves, that make for a magical ride! Fukushima has routes for cyclists of all levels! Click here for more information about Cycling Courses and Events in Fukushima!  (Click here to read our blog about cycling the scenic Bandai-Azuma Skyline!)

The World Glassware Hall
Arts & Crafts

Design Your Own Shirakawa Daruma

There are records of Shirakawa Daruma (Japanese traditional dolls) being sold as far back as the feudal reign of the Niwa Domain in 1627. Current Shirakawa Daruma are known as “Shirakawa Tsurugame Shochikubai Daruma.” The faces of these dolls are painted to incorporate various animals and plants, with the eyebrows representing cranes, the mustache representing a turtle, the ears representing pines and plum trees, and the beard representing bamboo or pine trees. All of these images are thought to bring good luck. The daruma is known to be a very classical, lucky talisman, started by Matsudaira Sadanobu, the lord of Shirakawa, when he hired the renowned painter Tani Buncho to paint the now famous face on the daruma doll. Once every year a large Shirakawa Daruma Market is held to celebrate and sell the beloved daruma dolls. You can paint your own daruma at the two daruma workshops in town!

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