A Day of Cherry Blossoms
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Enjoy this day-long magical romp through springtime while you travel by train. Leave from the charming Fukushima Station and experience what the prefecture has to offer to lovers of nature and history. Bring your camera and your walking shoes and get ready for a day amongst the flowers of Fukushima.

After leaving Fukushima Station, you’ll visit Hanamiyama. This springtime park paradise of flowers will leave you breathless from its beauty. You will fall in love with the hillsides colored in shades of pink, purple, and yellow. See the cherry trees in blossom, along with plum trees and forsythia trees with snow-capped mountains in the background. After Hanamiyama, travel to Nihonmatsu Castle for a time-traveling trip to the past. See the castle grounds and learn about the history of the area all while you enjoy the splendor of spring with the almost two thousand cherry trees in bloom. When you’ve had your fill of nature and history, use the train and head back to Nihonmatsu Station.


Fukushima Station

Hanamiyama is a short 20 min bus ride from Fukushima Sta.

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Springtime visits to Hanamiyama Park, located in the Hanamiyama area, see cherry, plum, and forsythia trees paint everything in vivid colors. A gentle pink and purple landscape waving in the breeze with the picturesque snow-capped Azuma Mountains in the distance makes for an amazing sight. The riot of spring colors is spectacular enough to merit calling this park Fukushima's very own cherry blossom paradise. The flowering landscape moves all who see it and has been preserved thanks to the cooperation of the local residents.

From Hanamiyama, take the bus back to Fukushima Sta. which will take 20 min. From there, take the Tohoku Main Line train to Nihonmatsu Sta., which takes 25 min. Then walk for 20 min or take a taxi to reach Kasumigajo Castle Park.

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Kasumigajo Castle Park (Nihonmatsu Castle)

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Nihonmatsu-jo was a castle built in 1643 by Mitsushige Niwa, the first feudal lord of the Nihonmatsu Domain. It was one of the strategic points of the Tokugawa Shogunate forces that fell in Boshin War after a fierce battle, precipitating the tragedy of the Nihonmatsu Youth Corps. The seasonal beauty of the landscape with the restored castle and the surrounding natural environment is a soothing experience for visitors, particularly in the spring when the 1,700 cherry trees in the park are in full bloom.

Finish your day at Nihonmatsu Station, a 10 min taxi ride from Kasumigajo Castle Park.

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Nihonmatsu Station

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