Pick-Your-Own Fruit in Fukushima City

Pick-Your-Own Fruit in Fukushima City

Fukushima is renowned for its delicious fruits, and a wide variety of direct-sale farmer's fruit stalls, 30 minute all-you-can pick tourist orchards, and other fruit attractions can be found among the vast fruit fields and orchards that line the "Fruit Line," which is the nickname for a road that runs for 14 km along the base of Mt. Azuma, and the "Peach Line (National Road 13)," which runs along the train tracks. Come and enjoy the bounty of cherries, peaches, Japanese pears, grapes, and apples of Fukushima City, known as the Fruit Kingdom of Japan!

See below for when each fruit is in season:

  • Strawberries....January to May
  • Cherries..........June to July
  • Peaches..........July to September
  • Nashi Pears....August to October
  • Grapes............August to October
  • Apples.............October to December

Fruit Picking at Marusei Orchard: Info & Booking

Venue Details

Venue Details

Fukushima City Tourist Information Center

(+81) 24-531-6428

Best SeasonAll Year
Opening Hours

Each orchard is open from around 8:30AM to 5PM<br>(Please check with individual orchards for details).

No regular holidays from June through December

ParkingAvailable (The number of parking spaces available varies from one orchard to the next).
Access Details
AccessFukushima City, Fukushima Pref.
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Getting there


Reaching the Various Fruit-Picking Areas by Car:

  • Peach Line: 10 min from Iizaka I.C. exit (Tohoku Expressway)
  • Fruit Line: 10 min from Iizaka I.C. exit (Tohoku Expressway)
  • Kayaba Pear Line: 15 min from Iizaka I.C. exit (Tohoku Expressway)
  • Skyline: 15 min from Fukushima-Nishi I.C. exit (Tohoku Expressway)
  • Tsuchiyu Fruit Line: 10 min ffrom Fukushima-Nishi I.C. exit (Tohoku Expressway)


Coming via Public Transport:

  • Peach Line: Take the Nakamoniwa bus from Fukushima Station's East Exit (Bus Stop No. 8) to the Higashi-ishido bus stop (It will take about 30 min). Peach Line is a 15 min walk from the bus stop.
  • Fruit Line: Take the Nakano (Kayaba) bus from Fukushima Station's East Exit (Bus Stop No. 12) to the Zatou-Machi bus stop (It will take about 30 min). The Fruit Line is a 15 min walk from the bus stop.
  • Kayaba Pear Line: Take the Niwasaka (Uchi-Machi) bus from Fukushima Station's East Exit (Bus Stop No. 12) to the Menkyo Center bus stop (It will take about 30 min). The Pear Line is a 15 min walk from the bus stop.
  • Skyline: Take the Kami-ubado/Takayu Onsen bus from Fukushima Station's East Exit (Bus Stop No. 7) to the Kitabayashi bus stop (It will take about 30 min). Skyline is a 15 min walk from the bus stop.
  • Tsuchiyu Fruit Line: Take the Tsuchiyu Onsen bus from Fukushima Station's East Exit (Bus Stop no. 7) to the Shiki-no-Sato bus stop (It will take about 30 min). Tsuchiyu Fruit Line is a 15 min walk from the bus stop.


The World Glassware Hall
History & Culture

Sukagawa Tokusatsu Archive Center

The Archive Center was opened on November 3rd, 2020 in order to share the unique artistry of Tokusatsu (Japanese special effects) with the world. Early Tokusatsu creator and Sukagawa Native, Eiji Tsuburaya came to be known as the “Father of Tokusatsu” due to his incredible Tokusatsu special effects in films such as Godzilla (1954) and television series such as the Ultra-series.Prior to the development of advanced digital and cgi special effects, science fiction films heavily relied on Tokusatsu techniques to create captivating live-action scenes where enormous monsters or Kaijyu wreak havoc upon cities. Smashing and exploding miniature models of cities allowed film makers to create incredible scenes for films and television.The Archine Center stores and displays many historic pieces that were used in or otherwise are related to the production of Tokusatsu films. There is even a special where visitors can watch Tokusatsu artists in action!©円谷プロ

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Fukushima Prefecture Souvenir Shop (also known as the ‘Bussankan’) is a short walk from the west exit of Fukushima Station. Enjoy a delicious lunch, and even do a sake tasting, at the Fukushima Lounge. All food and sake has been grown and produced locally in Fukushima – a prefecture which is blessed with a wealth of natural beauty. Browse locally-made items – which have been designed over generations in response to Fukushima’s rich history and culture, and have become representative of various areas of Fukushima Prefecture – displayed and sold in the ‘Local Products’ section. Great food, dried goods, local products and traditional crafts – the best from all over the prefecture can all be found at Fukushima Prefecture Souvenir Shop. As well as displaying and selling delicious local produce and locally-made folk crafts from a wide-range of areas across the prefecture, Fukushima Prefecture Souvenir Shop also provides information on local products and sightseeing opportunities in Fukushima. Local artisans, farmers and performers also regularly visit the shop to display and sell their work, so definitely make sure to visit.

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BRITOMART is a stylish and rural shopping and restaurant complex in Miharu Town, Tamura district. It makes for the perfect place for a pit stop, or to take a coffee or lunch break if you’re visiting nearby tourist attractions, such as the Miharu Takizakura or the Koriyama Museum of Art. Its many wooden storefronts blend wonderfully with the surroundings.BRITOMART includes a bakery, a coffee shop, an interior shop, a restaurant, a home and garden shop, and more. Relax and enjoy the natural environment in the heart of Miharu, a beautiful rural town in central Fukushima prefecture, known for having splendid displays of flowers in the spring, and thousands of sakura trees.

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Newly opened in 2022, Michi-no-Eki Fukushima (道の駅ふくしま)is a great place to buy local produce, souvenirs, and eat delicious Fukushima foods! Or even just to pause for a break along your road trip.It is located near the Fukushima Fruit line, so you’ll find a good assortment of delicious fresh fruit on display. You can also go fruit-picking to the nearby orchards using the rental bicycles available.Click here for more information on fruit picking in Fukushima!There is a dog park and an indoor play area for children called Momo Rabi Kids Park, which has many cute wooden toys and structures for children to play at as well as an indoor sandpit.We recommend trying the unusual ice-cream flavors at ‘yukiusagi’, a sweets shop that sells delicious parfaits and desserts using local produce. They sell rice-flavored ice-cream, as well as a special flavor called “Fukushima’s Sky Milk”(ふくしまの空ミルク), which has a salty milk flavor!