Listel Ski Fantasia

Listel Ski Fantasia

Despite its modest size, Listel Ski Fantasia - located within the grounds of Hotel Listel Inawashiro - has been a FIS Freestyle Ski World Cup host since 1988, and was chosen as the mogul and aerial venue for the 2009 FIS Freestyle World Championship.

Listel Ski Fantasia's main ski slope has an average gradient of 8 degrees, making it popular with beginners and family skiers. The "Kids' Land" ski area for children, onsite nursing rooms, and ski lessons available for children, make Listel Ski Fantasia a great choice for families.

Venue Details

Venue Details

Listel Ski Fantasia

(+81) 242-66-2233

Best Season
  • Winter
Opening Hours

Open: 8:30 AM | Close: When lifts end operation (around 16:30)

Related infoMain Information

Season: Dec. to Apr.
No. of Ski Slopes: 7
No. of Lifts: 3
Evening Skiing: Not available
Lessons: Reservation required.
Longest run: 1500 m
Vertical drop: 273 m
Height at the Summit: 871 m

Rental Equipment Cost (per day)
Clothing & Equipment Set (For skiing or snowboarding):
Adult 7,200 yen, Senior/Child 5,800 yen

Skiing / Snowboarding Clothing:
Adult 4,100 yen, Senior/Child 3,300 yen

Skiing / Snowboarding Equipment
Adult 4,100 yen, Senior/Child 3,300 yen

Difficulty Levels of Slopes
40% Beginner; 20% Intermediate; 40% Advanced

Onsite Facilities
Restaurant, free rest area, equipment and clothing rental corne, nursing room, ski school for children, swimming pool, open-air hot spring baths & main baths

See here for Aizu Ski Japan's page about Listel Ski Fantasia.
Access Details
AccessListel Park, Kawageta, Inawashiro Town, Fukushima Pref. 969-2696
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Getting there

By Car: 10 min drive from Inawashiro-Bandai Kogen I.C. exit off the Ban-etsu Expressway

By Train: Shuttle bus available from Inawashiro Station (JR Ban-etsu West Line). Takes 15 min to reach Listel Ski Fantasia.


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