Among hot springs, this inn is rare for possessing their own spring source. You’ll enjoy the luxurious open-air baths to the fullest. They’re 100% “kakenagashi” (continuously flowing), which is the highest quality of hot spring water in Japan. Whether it’s spring, summer, or fall, you’ll love the natural beauty of the area with open-air waterside dining. If you’re looking for a delightful private hot spring bath, they have four separate reservable baths with a view. Harataki also boasts an open-air bath filled with water from its very own hot spring source.

The dinner is another popular attraction: you can enjoy both Otemae-ryori, a traditional Japanese course meal served at the table, as well as a buffet with rice cooked on a traditional kamado kitchen stove, charcoal-grilled dishes, and the local specialties of Aizu. Meals served at the Waterside Dining Kawadoko (a restaurant with outdoor decks built along the bank of the Yukawa River) are very popular during the summer season.

Make the most of your time unwinding and soak away your worries.

Venue Details

Venue Details

Harataki/Konjaku-tei Reservation Center



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Karaoke room/Café/Bar/Esthetics salon
Accommodation details

Capacity: 64/349

Room styles: Japanese style

Room charge: One night with two meals: ¥13,800 - (tax included)

Check in / Check out: 14:00 / 11:00

Meals: Japanese-style course , Japanese-style half buffet

Hot springs: Sulfate hot spring

Pets: Not allowed

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Access Details
Access235 Yumoto, Higashiyama-machi, Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima Pref. 965-0814
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Getting there

By car: 20 min from Aizu-Wakamatsu IC (Ban-etsu Expressway)
By train: 20 min bus ride from Aizu-Wakamatsu Station (JR Tadami Line, JR Ban-etsu Saisen Line)
Bus pickup is available from Higashiyama-Onsen Station. 

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    Onsen & Sightseeing in Aizu by Train

    Jump start your vacation in Fukushima’s Aizu region with this multi-day tour, which can be enjoyed at any time of year. These ideas make for great additions to already existing plans, or as a tour of their own. No matter how you decide to use this itinerary, you won’t be disappointed. Travel by train and local bus, or taxi, to enjoy Aizu to the fullest. Begin your adventure at Aizu-Wakamatsu Station (don’t forget to snap some pics of its bowing red akabeko cow out front) and use the local bus or taxi to make your way for Tsurugajo Castle. Walk through the gardens and grounds of this magnificent castle and marvel at the red-tile roof—the only one of its kind in all of Japan. Inside you can tour the castle keep and see the artifacts of Aizu, let history come to life before your eyes. From the castle, travel to Nanokamachi-dori Street; this quaint area has preserved its early-20th century architecture and is now home to souvenir boutiques and many diners and hidden gems. With that being enough for one day’s excitement, head over to Higashiyama Onsen and soak your travel aches away in the hot springs of Harataki ryokan, which even has its own hot spring source. You’ll love taking a dip in these hot, refreshing, and soothing waters—the outside open-air bath is especially recommended. The next day, why not head over to Ouchi-juku, here you can tour an authentic preserved Aizu village and try local cuisine. The whole area gets really busy in winter and, if you’re brave enough to face the cold, the snow festival is a popular event.  

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The World Glassware Hall
Arts & Crafts

Aizu Urushi Lacquerware

Aizu Urushi Lacquerware has a very long history – predating lacquerware from Wajima or Tsushima. Aizu Lacquerware was originally produced in areas of Aizu that experience very heavy annual snowfall. The industry began to boom about 400 years ago - this development was initiated by feudal lord Gamo Ujisato’s endorsement of Aizu Lacquerware. From then onwards, techniques used in the production of Aizu Lacquerware were refined and Aizu Lacquerware became very famous in Japan.   You can make your paint your own design onto Aizu Lacquerware items, or even try painting with lacquer, in Aizu region. Makie Painting Experience Workshops Suzuzen (Aizu-Wakamatsu City) From 1,900 yen Page on Fukushima.Travel Website Suzutake (Aizu-Wakamatsu City) From 1,000 yen Must book in advance Page on Fukushima.Travel Website (Japanese) Bansho (Aizu-Wakamatsu City) From 1,200 yen  Irregular opening hours in winter Website (Japanese) Fukubun (Aizu-Wakamatsu City) From 1,600 yen Irregular opening hours Must book in advance Website (Japanese) Shitsugei Tsunoda (Urabandai Area) From 1,000 yen They also have an experience where you can paint with real lacquer (From 10,000 yen) Must book in advance Website (Japanese)

The World Glassware Hall
Outdoor Activities

Oze National Park

Oze is home to a plethora of beautiful flowers. These include the Asian skunk cabbage that blossoms in the marshes as the snow melts, and the bright yellow of the Nikko Kisuge, which is reflected in the marshes just when the surrounding mountains become green. The nature of Oze is symbolized by its beautiful flowers, and together with the mountains, lakes, marshes, rivers, forests, and wildlife that lives in this region, create a stunning sight. Chozo Hirano opened up the area around 100 years ago, and because of the protection of its magnificent nature up until now, Oze has become a symbol of nature conservation in Japan. The beautiful nature of Oze presents a different face throughout the seasons, and all continue to charm us.  Key points of the sightseeing spot/ recommended points for tours:  In order to both preserve the precious nature of Oze, and to be able to come face-to-face with its splendor, we recommend that you visit on weekdays, and take your time to encounter the nature of Oze. Oze has the Ozenuma Visitor Center and the Oze-Yamanohana Visitor Center as locations from which you can both appreciate Oze's nature, and learn about the environment. At the visitor center, you can learn from displays that explain in an easy-to-understand the formation of the nature in Oze, points to see, and the most up-to-date information about the natural environment. This lets you more fully enjoy the appeal of the nature of Oze. Visits are even more enjoyable when you know more; therefore we recommend visits with a guide who can tell you more about the nature and charm of Oze. We urge visitors to make use of the certified guides who have a wealth of knowledge about Oze's nature, culture, and history, and who can ensure your visit is safe.

The World Glassware Hall
Cultural Experiences

Ride the Oza-Toro-Tembo Train

The Oza-Toro-Tembo Train is a limited-service sightseeing train which is operated during selected days of the peak tourist seasons. The train has three carriages - the oza carriage (which has a tatami-floor), the torokko (tram) carriage, and the tembo (observation deck) carriage. Stretch out and relax in the tatami carriage with its sunken kotatsu (heated table) in autumn, take in Aizu's nature and air from the tram carriage, and revel in the fantastic scenery that await you through the expansive windows of the observation deck carriage. The train runs along the Aizu Railway tracks, meaning you can hop off at various points to visit places such as Ouchi-juku (a 15 minute taxi ride from Yunokami Onsen Station), and To-no-Hetsuri Crags, among others. For information about when this train runs this year, please check out this link (Japanese).

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Irori no Yado Ashina

Irori no Yado Ashina

Ashina is a Japanese-style inn that preserves an atmosphere of old-style living in the Tohoku Region. The facility used to be part of a 120-year-old private residence, which was taken apart, moved and then rebuilt at its present location. An overnight stay at this inn will allow guests to experience several different aspects of traditional Aizu culture, including local cuisine and local sake that can be enjoyed nowhere else. Dinner is served around an irori (sunken hearth), which is a very memorable feature of this inn.



An affiliated inn of Harataki, Konjakutei is a beautiful hideaway for travelers. The large baths are abundantly sourced with hot water piped directly from Konjakutei's own hot spring source, ensuring guests can enjoy good quality hot spring water every time they bathe. The daily menu prepared by Konjakutei's chef is one of the biggest draws of the ryokan hotel. From early summer, when the outdoor restaurant Waterside Dining Kawadoko opens , guests can enjoy exquisite meals surrounded by sparkling lights, the sound of the nearby stream, and a pleasant breeze. Visitors are sure to enjoy the special Japanese course menu served at Kawadoko.

Shosuke no Yado Takinoyu

Shosuke no Yado Takinoyu

A hot spring resort hotel named after Shosuke Ohara, a character in an old folk song, Takinoyu is located right next to Fushimigataki Waterfall, a major scenic spot in Aizu. You can enjoy a splendid view of the waterfall from the main baths and open-air bath. Other baths available for private use also boast marvellous views. Every night, different entertainment is available for guests, such as storytelling, Aizu shamisen (3-stringed instrument) playing, dances from local geigi (geisha) and others, are performed on stage. The combination of the lit-up stage, waterfall, and bamboo groves will invite you into a world of subtle and profound enchantment.