Cherry Blossoms and Hot Spring Relaxation
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Get the full springtime cherry-blossom viewing experience on this two-day adventure through Fukushima. You'll hit all the major sites of the area and then even relax in a luxurious onsen!

Your trip begins at Kitakata Station; from there you will walk to the start of the Nicchu Line walking path. This spot is famous for its over 1,000 cherry trees stretching along both sides of the 3 km-long road and park. Nicchu Line makes for a magical vista with cherry petals falling like fresh snow against a backdrop of springtime colors and fresh air. From there, travel on to Kyu Kai Honke Zurashiki to see the early 20th-century kura-style residences. Admire the architecture and quality lacquer work on the building. Finish the day with a sake brewery museum tour at Yamatogawa Brewery. No springtime cherry blossom viewing party in Japan is complete without the famous Japanese alcohol. Finish your two-day trip at the fantastic Higashiyama Onsen town where you can relax at any number of hotels or ryokan-style inns. It’s a truly Japanese spring experience.


Kitakata Station

Kitakata Sta. to the start of the Nicchu Line walking trail is only around 10 min on foot.

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Nicchu Line Weeping Cherry Blossom

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The tracks of the now-closed Nicchu Line have been restored as a cycling path, from which you can view 1,000 weeping cherry blossom trees along a 3 km stretch. A steam train is also displayed near the Kitakata Plaza.

After walking north on the Nicchu Line for around 15 min, the Kai Honke Kurazashiki is a short 10 min walk.

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Kyu Kai Honke Kurazashiki

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Many storehouses have been built in Kitakata City over the years, with various architectural styles represented across the city. The Kyu Kai Honke Kurazashiki (Former Residence of the Kai Family) is among the storehouses that are often visited by tourists. The outer walls have been coated with black laquer. The interior has been constructed lavishly with precious wood, giving the building a dignified appearance.

Kyu Kai Honke Kurazashiki to Yamatogawa Sake Brewery is 4 min by taxi or a 10 min walk.

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Yamatogawa Sake Brewery

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Close to Kitakata station is Yamatogawa Brewery. This brewery was built in 1790 in the Edo Era, and has been producing sake ever since. The famous sake cultivated at this brewery is made using the clear, mountain water from Mt Iide. Another important component of Yamatogawa Brewery’s sake is the use of high-quality, carefully cultivated rice. This rice is grown in Yamatogawa Brewery’s own rice fields, and from the fields of selected local farming families.

Yamatogawa Sake Brewery to Higashiyama Onsen takes an hour to travel. Take a taxi to Kitakata Sta., then take the Ban-etsu West Line to Aizu-Wakamatsu Sta.; from the station take a bus or taxi to Higashiyama Onsen.

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From Higashiyama Onsen to Aizu-Wakamatsu Sta. takes 20 min by bus.

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Aizu-Wakamatsu Station

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