Day Trip in Aizu-Wakamatsu City

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This one-day trip around Aizu-Wakamatsu City includes everything your bucket list has: castles, sake breweries, temples, and onsen. Start with an Akabeko painting experience (1100 yen) at Tsurugajo Kaikan, before looking around the castle itself and enjoying a Japanese tea experience at the Rinkaku Tea Room.


Aizu-Wakamatsu Station

From Aizu-Wakamatsu Sta. to Tsurugajo Kaikan is a 20 min bus ride.

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Tsurugajo Kaikan

  • Aizu Area
  • 35

Tsurugajo Castle takes 10 min on foot to reach from Tsurugajo Kaikan.

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Tsurugajo Castle

  • Aizu Area
  • 70

Tsurugajo Castle, also known as Aizu-Wakamatsu Castle, is arguably Tohoku’s most impressive castle. It's remembered for its role in Japan’s civil war, when it was one of the last remaining samurai strongholds. The castle was fully rebuilt in the 1960s and houses an interesting history museum within the keep. The grounds of Tsurugajo Castle are an excellent place to catch Tohoku’s cherry blossoms in mid-April, and the view from atop the outer walls is particularly impressive.

Rinkaku Tea Room is a 3 min walk from Tsurugajo Castle.

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Relaxing Tea Ceremony at Tsurugajo Castle

  • Aizu Area
  • 20

When visiting Tsurugajo Castle, remember to check out the Rinkaku Tea Rooms, which are situated inside the castle grounds. These beautiful Japanese gardens are well worth a visit. What's more, you can enjoy traditional Japanese matcha tea together with a seasonal treat, all while looking out at the fantastic foliage of the garden.

From Tsurugajo Castle to Suehiro Sake Brewery Kaeigura, it takes 15 min by bus (or 22 min on foot).

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Suehiro Sake Brewery Kaeigura

  • Aizu Area
  • 60

Try between six to ten different kinds of sake at this authentic brewery. There's even a small cafe next to the entrance where you can take a break.

From Suehiro Sake Brewery to Sazaedo Temple, it takes 40 min by bus.

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Sazaedo Temple

  • Aizu Area
  • 30

This unique turban-shell-shaped temple is a nationally-designated Important Cultural Property and has a unique charm to it that you can't find at other temples. Explore the temple and its surrounding area.

Take a 20 min bus ride to the Higashiyama Onsen Town area, and stay at one of the ryokan there, such as Harataki.

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Stay: Higashiyama Onsen Town

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